The study is now published and does not support a protective effect of anti androgens for COVID-19 outcome.

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COVIDENZA was a multi-centre randomized clinical trial investigating if enzalutamide may be beneficial in COVID-19. The hypothesis was based on the observation that men have higher risk of severe symptoms of COVID-19, and that it might be due to higher testosteron levels in men.

The Covidenza trial is now completed and no evidence of benefit was found and the study stoped after 42 included patients. The epidemiological data with register data from all covid-19 positive patients in Sweden support the clinical randomized study and anti-androgens seem to be neither a friend or foe for COVID-19 outcome.

For further information please see the Umeå University press release (English and Swedish):

The full, peer reviewed, published article resulting from the study is available freely (Open Access) from European Urology here:

Region Västerbotten (PI Andreas Josefsson)

Principal Investigators

PI Andreas Josefsson (for more information on Umu-link or WCMM-link )

Co-PI Karin Welen (for more information follow the link)

Umeå, Göteborg, Malmö, Jönköping, Sundsvall and Linköping


Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd. (Unconditional grants; no part of initiation, protocol, management or analysis of the trial)

Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine (see also link)

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